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The Landof Ayurveda

The Landof Ayurveda

Natural Herbal Products

We provide various products made of real natural and ayurvedic herbs.

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Mission & Vision

We strive to be leaders in our field through constant innovation so as to enhance the quality and efficiency of our products...

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Quality Policy

Quality is always the prime essence in all our operations. We provide the best quality trusted herbal ayurvedic products...

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Who We Are

AML HERBS INDIA has established itself as the foremost herbal company with a vision to improve the quality of life by its products

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Our Products

We offer wide range of Herbal Care Products...

Flax Seed Powder

Mixed Herbs

Spices Mixed Herbs

Supi Sugandh Mixed Herbs

Safed Musli Roots

Dry Amla, Reetha, Shikakai


The ancient Indian “science of life” called Ayurveda explains that human beings, like the Universe, are made up of each of the five elements: Air, Space, Fire, Water, Earth and the Soul.

These elements, in their biological form, are known as Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha Most emotional, physical and mental health issues are actually rooted in your biological set up, or mind-body constitution, popularly known as ‘doshas’.

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